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Making our own Spiritual Comicstrip Stories

Last January 18, 2015, After Divine Service and Church Activities. Makati Youth were gathered to have more bonding moments in their spiritual and natural life as part of their monthly activity. They started the afternoon with a prayer led by the new ordained Pr. Florante Alandria, followed by a Catechism reading primarily focusing on how man can make themselves better leading them to be saved from sin and evil, and how they were going to use their conscience, reasoning and faith for God. They also discussed that God’s actions aim to bring about salvation in the sense of  “deliverance” which is the state of a man being saved from sin and evil, “protection” which is the state of man being kept from sin and evil, and “redemption” which is the act of saving man from sin and evil.

No one is able to bless himself and a blessing only develops when faith is present. Youth also pointed out thst blessing that is the act of God loving care, which no one can earn. It was a lively discussion because everyone participated with a question and answer. While they are sharing their thoughts, opinions and feelings to the discussion, they were also blessed with food that was shared by everyone.

After covering the planned Catechism readings of the 6 pages of chapter 4, the youth were grouped for the a comic-book activity showing the act of sharing, giving, loving, caring and other good deeds through photography. The knowledge, ideas and experience they have gain is worth it because they so much enjoy the moment that will bring them joy and most especially Joy in Christ.

The final results and a recap video!

ChaptterTwoEnglish ChapterThreeTagalog ChapterThreeEnglish ChapterOneEnlgishB ChapterOneEnglish




Here are the event photos.


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