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Let’s talk about nutrition and fitness. What do we feed our bodies and soul?

On the 1st of February the youth gathered in the Makati Congregation Multi Purpose Hall to have a discussion about nutrition, fitness, and what we feed our mind, body, and soul. It is well known that the people of the Philippines generally have bad diet habits. Dunkin Donuts, Jollibee, Shakeys and the ever so famous Coca Cola. For a land where the buko, bananas, and mangoes are literally the best in the world, this doesn’t make sense. You can be slim and very unhealthy, and you can also be chubby and be very healthy!

The Philippines is one of the world’s emerging diabetes hotspots. Ranked in the top 15 in the world for diabetes prevalence, Philippines is home to more than 4 million people diagnosed with the disease – and a worryingly large unknown number who are unaware they have diabetes.

The youth got together and were fortunate enough to be able to feast on a great variety of wonderful fruits and vegetables – all found at the local Evangelista market, less than 100 meters away. Together we cut them all up into pieces and presented them on plates. We even got some sticky rice to go along with it all. Combining a number of these in a blender created a delicious smoothie, and the mix created amazing new flavors. Soft drinks were not allowed, but different kinds of teas were available to try.

We watched two videos, one about what diabetes is and what it does, and the other about the prevalence and dangers of eating too much sugar. These can be seen at the bottom of the article. We proceeded to discuss several nutritional concepts, what our body needs, and what role food actually plays in our existence. We are what we eat! Literally!

We also discussed our spiritual health, and the influences we allow our mind to take on. How do we spend our time? What sort of material do we consume with our eyes and ears, and how much of it do we actually enjoy anyways? If you spend 4 hours a day playing video games or watching TV, you would have spent around 1500 hours in a single year. What could you have accomplished in this time? Learn a new language? Get the body you’ve always wanted? Perhaps gotten promoted or found a better job?

Are we at peace? There are an infinite number of things we can improve on to better our physical or mental selves and think of the improvements in our life of faith if we just decided to spend time on those areas instead.

Newsflash! New diet secret revealed! Who cares. The real nutrition rules have never changed. Look at the chart below, it simply shows the certain food groups and how much of it our body needs to maintain good health and weight. How many vegetables do you see on your plate?


It has become quite the challenge, now more than ever before. How are we supposed to limit our sugar intake when its virtually added to everything we eat? It is quite difficult, and we all agree that eating nothing but vegetables is unrealistic and a serious lifestyle change that no one wants to do. It is difficult because we are all addicted to sugar. Lets start eliminating them one by one; it most certainly wont harm us.


Although the numbers are based on the USA population, this chart clearly shows the prevalence of conditions, ultimately leading to an earlier death. These are considered preventable causes of death. Smokers, have a good long look!


At the end of the discussion little “Fitness Challenge” booklets were distributed, that followed the popular self challenge programs. For more information, and to print off the booklets for yourselves, have a look at these links!

Checkout the recap video and photos below! (The date was actually the 1st February, not the 28th)

Here are the videos that were shown outlining diabetes, and our unfortunate love for sugar!

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