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Youth day in Jose Abad Santos

It took us a year to meet again, since the last youth day in the District Of Jose Abad santos held last year in Narra congregation. This time, a more excited and anticipated youth started to arrive in the venue which is in the congregation of Laboo. Under the rain, the youth walked huge distances just to get there. Some youth rented a motorcyle and ride with it, in a very poor road situations that seems to be impassable. But with the grace of the Lord, all of us arrive in the venue safe and sound.

The program started friday in the evening, a total of 200 youth from various congregations of Jose Abad Santos, Malita, and a couple of youth from General Santos, lake Sebu and CARAGA region gathered. The whole night program was spent in acquaintance and a sort of orientations for the next days schedule of activities.

Saturday morning, October 29, 2016, the sun shines brightly in the beach facing the wilderness of the pacific ocean. It is where our youth will be spending the whole day for the different games . This time our bearers of blessings joined us, the Apostle Alfredo Pascual, Bishop, Rodrigo Muda, District Elders and a scores of Evangelist, Priest and Deacons. What adds our program more special is that, the retired Apostle Mercurio Nuyad all the way from his home in General santos City also joined us. He was invited by the youth and the members because definitely we miss him as our Apostle for almost 20 years. Another guest was, Dist. Ev. Tol, whose voice sounds familiar, but not known to the members personally. When the youth and the members learned that the man whose voice they have heard via DXCP broadcast every sunday afternoon, they took some pictures and made some lively conversations with our guest.

The program was formally open, and the games starded. The youth made some chants and cheers to represent their groups. After that, they are tasked to completete the 8 stations with different games. And the group with the highest points will be the winner. After our lunch was served, we proceed to the bible games. This time, youth will be representing their respective congregations.

They displayed their wit in bible quiz, their skills in bible drill, their memory in bible countdown and verses, and their ability to work in a team through bible telephone. We played also beach volleyball which is common among locals, facilitators displayed also their skills in playing volleyball. That day program ended with enthusiasm, joy and victory. And you can draw smiles that beams fom the faces of the youth.

The evening program, includes Preaching contest for the young brothers, choir contest and a presentations from different sub‐district and guest. In the Opening, The Apostle went on to address the youth that this is not a plain competition but this event is designed to sharpen the young minds. The retired apostle also made some emotional speech as he mentioned and reminisced his difficult time during his ministry in the area. He also mentioned that those babies and infants whom he baptized and sealed are today’s youth leaders and young ministers. ” And that is How God blessed” the retired apostle concluded. After the presentations, we award prizes for the winners.

Sunday morning, the Church festively decorated was filled with our brethren. It was also a preparation service for the departed. Apostle Pascual officiated the divine service with Bishop Muda and Dist. Ev. Tol assisted. Nearly 300 brethren came to hear the powerful sermon. After, the Divine service, foods were served in Camacho’s residence. Now, its time to say goodbye, brethren and some youth started their journey back home, except the youth leaders. We still have “happy‐Happy” in the beach as a celebration for the success of the event. We conducted also meeting in preparation for the future youth events. All of these, would not take place without the blessing of the almighty Father. And a number of individual who is untiringly support the program. Special mention to Sis. Lavern Camacho, the youth leader of Laboo, and Her family for the all‐out support. Youth leaders, ministers and parents thank you so much. We will continue to work together, as our theme : NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD. (Romans 8:39)

Pr. Devie John Bandaan

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