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Thanksgiving 2016

Like Americans who have been observing every 4th Thursday of November as a day of giving thanks and feasting for their good harvest since 1621, We, The New Apostolic Christians have an annual celebration of Thanksgiving every first Sunday of October not just for the earthly gifts we received but most of all the spiritual blessings our Heavenly Father bestowed on us. Thanksgiving is always a festive day for us where we bring our natural gifts and offerings as an expression of gratitude and thankfulness to our dear Heavenly Father just like how Cain and Abel did based on the bible. However, thanksgiving is not just bringing what we have on the altar but rather a heartily act of acknowledging how thankful we are for the gifts we received each passing day. While we give attention for those gifts we have seen, let us also be focus on those gifts we haven’t seen on our own naked eyes, how much more should we give thanks to Him for giving us His own begotten son? How much more should we give thanks for the grace and salvation He grants us freely? There are more things to be thankful for! As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, let us remember that this is our individual act of expressing our sincerest gratitude for all the favors God consistently granted us naturally and spiritually. Let us also be victorious with Christ, overcoming those fears, weaknesses and when we thought of discouragement and we feel lost, let us count all our blessings and name them one by one, we’ll be surprise of what He has done.

Here are pictures of Thanksgiving 2016 from around the Philippines!

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