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Trip to La Union

At 8PM on Friday, all youth from Makati gathered at the multi‐purpose hall to practice for our presentation. There were many of us, which was unexpected, and it filled us with joy. There were new youth members, and there were also guests. After our practice, we offered a prayer and left the church at exactly 1AM. The Youth Day was a big event for us, and we were all excited.

La Union Youth Fellowship

Luzon Youth Fellowship was held on November 12 and 13 at a beach resort in Bauang, La Union. The gathering gave the young  people, who were from Pangasinan, Isabela, La Union,  Abra, and Makati congregations, a chance to meet and bond with each  other. On Saturday, District Apostle Hebeisen was warmly welcomed by the youth with a song upon his arrival. The District Apostle gave his opening  remarks and led the prayer. Afterwards, games were held at the seashore for the youth. Winners received some snacks as prize from the program committee headed by Pr. Cris  Ronquillo.

In the evening, each congregation gave a performance. Some of them danced, while others sang. The youth was also given a chance to ask faith‐related questions, which were answered by the District Apostle. Also there to show their support to the young people were Apostle Samuel, Bishop Tansahtikno of Indonesia, and Apostle Catan of Luzon. Everyone participated  and the program was a success.

“Every Christian family should have such a time daily. It is amazing how few families really take this seriously and practice this  routinely. It is the best guarantee to have Christian children with good moral standards that do not drift through the teen years, to have a family that has a witness for Christ in the community, and to have a family that takes the church  seriously  and  enjoys going to all the services.”  Family Altar (Bible Time) by Al Troester

New Apostolic Church‐North Luzon Congregation successfully celebrated the Family Day last November 12‐13, 2016 at Bauang, La Union. The event aimed to gather members of the New Apostolic Church community “to worship God together and learn more about his ways”, as well as “to establish the family in the faith, personal conviction, and doctrine.” (Family Altar, Al Troester)

The New Apostolic Church‐North Luzon Congregation spearheaded the two‐day event. Our Priest Christopher Requilme, together with the other members of the Pangasinan Congregation, also contributed by doing tasks
related to the event, such as hosting the program and facilitating the parlor games and presentation. The program started at exactly 10:00 am. It began with the opening prayer which was led by our District Apostle Hebeisen, and
followed by his warm welcome message.

This very special day was filled with many surprises. There were many games and activities. Young people from the congregations of La Union, Baguio, Makati, Pangasinan, Apari, and Cagayan Valley were chosen and grouped into several teams. Parlor games were played at the seashore, such as Sack Race Relay, Water Spoon Relay, Ball Relay, and Cup & Water Relay.

Everyone was very happy. Members shared their skills and knowledge just to win the game and get some prizes. “Well, this experienced may be included in victory wrought by God. But it is entirely possible for those things to happen, but for us to have a very little victory in Christ at all is great.” ‐What is “Victory in Christ Jesus?”, David A. DePra

One of the highlights of the event was the performance of the different congregations showing their different talents. They managed to dance, sing, and play some instruments such as guitar and flute. Truly, NAC members are talented and gifted.

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