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Youth Christmas Programme

The wonderful Christmas service of 2016 got even better with a treat from the congregation. The Makati Choir, the orchestra, the Sunday school and the youth together prepared a great performance for our brother, sisters and guests to enjoy. After the service, everyone got quickly changed into their outfits, and some even prayed to God that they don’t mess up during the performance. Good thing those prayers were answered? The congregation was asked to take advantage of the top balcony seating, it is after all the best view for these types of things.

For the youth, we decided to perform the Nativity Story since we are all amazing actors. However, to make it more interesting, we put a spin on it. Without changing the story, we projected the individual characters in a modern light.

The nativity story, modern rendition was a lot of fun. We simplified it by having only a single person to have lines, and our narrator Rebekah had the perfect voice for the job. This made it much easier since learning lines isn’t always very fun. This way we could focus on presenting the message.

For the Shepherds, we had presented them as business men. They were busy on their phones and tablets, and even had a selfie stick for a memorable moment with Mary, Joseph and Jesus. They were in suits, and were happy to find the Manger. The wise men were in fact successful scientists. With this, we dressed our wise men accordingly. They wore glasses and laboratory coats. They also had calculators, a telescope and a triangle protractor as a pretend ‘sextant’ – which was used to navigate the stars. Jhing, our star with yellow budget‐bedsheet did a good job showing them the way. The inn keeper, dictator, soldiers, angels and mothers all did a great job, even if the mothers lost their sheep‐babies to the fake machine‐guns.

After the youth presentation, the Sunday school had a real fun presentation that got everyone to get out their phones and record the action. Maybe there is a super star or two amongst them waiting to rise to fame? A nice quartet followed that featured a fantastic Tagalog Pasko song to get things into the groove. The amazing Makati Orchestra followed with three pieces to blow us away. We were all very impressed!

Last but not least was the choir with “Oh Holy Night”. The finale was a choral and orchestral Christmas piece‐ a Christmas favourite “Joy to the world”. They were all pleasantly decorated with beautiful outfits. They looked great and sounded even better. There were quite a few pieces that alternated between the choir, the orchestra, and both together as an ensemble. After the production, everyone there was a grand fellowship to be had upstairs. Many photos were taken and everyone had a great Sunday!

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