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Youth Planning Meeting in Tagaytay

We, consisted of 20 youths from Makati, had outing in Tagaytay on January 7 & 8, 2016. Our outing is not just to enjoy visiting places but with significant purposes. We had joined the Priest’s retreat and had surveyed some good places for program making of the upcoming event in April.

On the 7th of January, we departed from Makati church at 8:30 am going to Tagaytay at Pr. Silvestre’s rest house with almost three hours travel. We arrived there past eleven in the morning. We took a little bit rest, waiting for the brothers from their meeting in Haven’s Hotel & Resort. While waiting them, we grouped ourselves into three to discuss for our presentation for the evening program and for the games to be happened after lunch. When the brothers came, we had lunch together catered by Le Delice. The plan, which supposed to be having fun games after lunch, was not happened because eventually we planned to go to Taal for site seeing as part of the preparation of the upcoming youth day in April. We left at the rest house around 1:20 pm rode down to Talisay, Batangas which took us an hour. During our ride, we had lots of laughter because of funny jokes shared by funny thoughts. Each of us has full of excitement to see the taal volcano and nearby areas. Passing along the road side, several people in town are calling for a boat ride. We stopped at some point of the area where the boat riding is located because we need to ride a boat across the sea to the island where the Taal is located. We hired three (3) boats to take all of us at the said tourist spot. It took us half an hour in the boat ride. When we arrive at the area, we need again to pay a tourist fee so that they will allow us to hike going to the view point of the Taal Lake.

After, we hiked uphill the estimated distance of 2 kilometers up to the concreted viewpoint. We enjoyed hiking and had so much fun taking photos, despite of tiredness, till we reached the view point. After a few minutes, we decided to go down because we need to catch up with the time going back to the place where we staying. We did the same way as we go back, walk down the hill and took a boat ride. Because we doubted that one of our car couldn’t make to climb the road which we took going down, we make our way to an alternate route. But then the alternate route we’re about to take is a private property. The guards didn’t allow us to enter the said road but instead they advise us to take the other way exit to Manila. But because it is a far distance to Tagaytay where we’re leading to, we decided to go back the same way which we had taken the first place. We called some youth from the other car to transfer to the other car so that the one car will be able to ride up the zigzag road. We called some help from one of our brothers to fetch some of us but then it was not happened because by God’s grace both our cars able to make it. We arrived at the rest house nearly seven. We thought that we couldn’t catch up the time for our presentation in the evening program but indeed we make it, we were late though. We had dinner and went to the function hall of Havens Hotel & Resort as our venue. In the evening program, we had presentations and the brothers as well. After all had presented, we, three groups of youths, had an informal semi-debate, a question and answer. After each questions had answered by the group, the DA and Bishop Samuel have to conclude it for us to be enlighten with the right answers. Our discussions ended at 10:20.

On Sunday morning, 8th of January, we had our Divine Service at the same place where we had our Saturday evening program. After we finished our lunch at the rest house, youths continued taking pictures at the surrounding of priest Silvestre’s house they also took group picture to our dearest District Apostle, his wife and also the ministers. While the youths are busy being happy, ministers packed their bags for their long journey again going back to their home, and our DA left as well. The youth planned to visit Tagaytay’s sky ranched to learn new things, everyone was excited. The district elder and our youth leader confirmed our trip. Youths packed their important belongings and rode their respective cars; everyone was excited and happy along the highway. We arrived at sky ranched around 2pm, many people are visiting the areas and we are patiently falling in line to enter the sky ranched vicinity. We have decided to ride the “Sky Eye” a huge Ferris wheel where you can saw Tagaytay’s surroundings. While waiting for the ticket fare, youths and NAC members took pictures around the area, tasted the foods and watched tourist playing at each gaming booths. Before we ride the Ferris wheel, our Del. Depaz told us that the only ones who can ride the Sky Eye are the one who won the debate but all of the youths are winners, he was happy and treated us for our fare. Finally everyone rode the Ferris wheel, youths and some NAC members took pictures, everyone was amazed by the beauty of nature in Tagaytay and also its surroundings. After we finished our ride everyone went back to where we parked our cars for we were about to go home. We take shortcut routes for us to get early at the rest house to get our belongings. We arrived at the rest house and thanked priest Silvestre and his family for welcoming us in their home. It was now parting time! We, the youth, were going home and it was already nightfall. Along the highway our youth leader decided that we had to have dinner so we stopped over at the Jollibee and we rest there for a while and continued our trip going home. The youths enjoyed their visit at Taal Volcano and
Tagaytay’s breeze.

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