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Published on April 25th, 2017 | by NAC Youth



It was Friday morning when we arrived from Cebu, We are late but still we have a place where we can put our things and room where we can sleep comfortably. We started the morning with our first activity which can we stretch our body; we did a short routine of exercise and zumba. After that we ate our breakfast together. Then, Priest Hoyer conducted a workshop about the theme Youth without borders and finally we were grouped with other members of different congregation (Visayas, Mindanao and Swiss Youth.)

We had many activities where we got the chance to know each other and have a conversation that makes us comfortable and showed that it is easy to overcome borders. As the program goes by, every game makes our group happy because we did it with teamwork that builds friendship within us like as one congregation. We had so much fun on those activities, even though there is still shyness we still prove that from a simple activity we can overcome that borders. We end the night with a nice jamming through singing and conversation.

On the Saturday Night, every congregation did a presentation and everyone felt fulfilled because they brought joy and happiness to all. The night was full of emotion because that will be our last moment together with the Swiss youth and tomorrow after divine service they will be leaving us.

After the Divine Service, Everyone will bring memorable experienced from the National Youth Day at Bohol at I felt that they also keep their faith alive to our dear heavenly father.

Bro. Benjamin Cuaco

Bohol, Philippines Congregation


In our youth camp, I have a really great experienced with the other youth came from the different places, Also the Swiss people that shows and shares their knowledge, capabilities and nice personality.

Bro. Jhonmark Oclarit

Bulacan Congregation


The Swiss-Philippine National Youth Day event was held last April 21-30, 2017 in Tagaytay and Bohol Philippines. The 3-day Tagaytay event is on April 21-23 participated by Filipino youths in Luzon and delegation all the way from Switzerland. It was themed as “NAC Youth without Borders”.

Day 1 is welcoming the Swiss delegation and arrival at Tagaytay. It was a night of getting to know each other and a start of breaking the borders together. All the delegates are introduced to each other and grouped into six teams, namely Pablo, Lukas, Juan, Santiago, Marcos and Mateo. We also learn the welcoming song “This little light of mine” which is very inspiring and lively, fit for breaking the borders between us.

Day 2 is a team building. Each team prepared a group cheer. We ride on a jeepney going to Talisay Batangas, as the jumpstart of the hike. An exciting boat ride in the lake followed, then a trekking hike going to the volcano’s crater. The trek is very challenging but fulfilling because on our way up, there are stations created by other NAC members who provides different Filipino delicacies to satisfy our tummies, drinks to quench our thirst and tents to shelter us from the blazing sun. At the end of the hike is satisfying scenery of the majestic Crater Lake and the lake that surrounds the crater itself. How great is our God because of His creations. Yet, the night is a fellowship and presentations prepared by the delegates in each district along with the presentation prepared by the Swiss Youths.

Day 3 is the Divine Service served by our beloved Bishop Samuel Tansahtikno. The message is to break the borders in us and instead build a bridge to connect with each other. Two ordained youths got a chance to share what’s in their hearts. We got the power divine, inspire and strengthen us as the event ends.

The event is so memorable and the things that we learned will be treasured in our hearts. There are lot of borders we will encounter but we can overcome them just let our little light shine with the help from Our Almighty God with His son Jesus Christ.

 Ss. Grace Castor

Quezon Province Congregation


In springtime 2017, I was lucky to be able to join a small delegation of the Swiss youth from NAC. After preparations and rehearsals of approximately half a year, we finally went off to a ten days trip to the Philippines, where we would meet some of the new apostolic youth from across the world.

April 19th. Day of Departure.

In the last days before the departure from Zurich Airport, the excitement among us was drastic. When we arrived at the meeting point we got our T-shirts, we would need for the two youth days, which we were all looking forward to.

My Situation was a bit different from the others. I knew almost no one, because I and a few others are actually not from Zurich but from other places in Switzerland. So we didn’t know many people. But never the less, the minute I saw the Group, I felt home and among my Kind.

Now, nothing could stop us now from having an awesome trip to the Philippines.

The flight was long, but we had lots of fun, even when we were only travelling. After 10 hours to Hong Kong and 2 more hours to Manila, we experienced a warm welcome. We got on our bus and we got to meet Harrold. He happened to be our guide around Manila and our first destination Tagaytay. But before we went to our hostel, we stopped in a small restaurant for lunch. It turned out not to be just some kind of local restaurant, but every Wednesday evening it could be changed to a church and divine service could be hold there.

We also met district apostle Urs Hebeisen, who also gave us a warm welcome, together with some instructions and a little promotion for the Philippines.

Actually, I could go on and on about every single detail of our journey, for such a great experience will never ever be forgotten. To shorten it a bit, I want to hold on to a few events, which were imprinted in my mind.

First, of course, our first encounter with the Filipino youth in Tagaytay.

When we all assembled in the big hall, we were immediately separated into smaller groups, consisting of both, Swiss and Filipino youth. In beginning it was not so easy to get in touch with the others. Maybe it was grounded on difficulties with the English language or just on shyness on either side.

It was when we had a fun little game, where we had to remember as many names of the others as possible in just 3 minutes or so, when even the last one came out of their shell and we could communicate a bit more with each other.

Main conversation topics were, to exchange language. Mostly essential or just funny quotes or words from our languages, and what they’re called in Swiss-German or Tagalog. A funny moment was, when we discovered, that a German Salutation is almost the as a traditional dessert in the Philippines.

On Saturday the Filipino youth had a wonderful program planned for all of us. So we hiked on the Taal volcano to see the biggest lake inside a lake. The very hot and timid climate aside, it was an awesome trip. I really liked to observe the differences regarding the nature and the mentality of our cultures. We had some great conversations too with some of the youth and others; we just met on the top of the volcano.

Second about the routine life as a tourist in the Philippines.

After Tagatay we travelled to the island of Bohol by a ferry boat. It was a cruise of over a day and definitely something we don’t see experience every day. When we finally arrived in our next staying we found ourselves in a completely different surrounding. It was described to us as slums, although we didn’t really have the feeling of it. Maybe our expectations were just blown away once more. We settled down near to a sports field, the only one around. During the day, people would play basketball and in the evening we heard loud party music. So it really was the center of social activity and connected the whole youth in the surrounding area. That’s something I miss at home in this form.

The people we met all seemed so happy with what they had. In comparison to Swiss standards it seemed so little but nevertheless the people were much more joyful. Not only once I thought, how peaceful and wonderful of a life could be lived there. We talked a lot about how great it was to just live the day in a group together and experience adventures, without having to look on your phone every five minutes because you could have gotten a message.

As our Adventure tended to an end, the great divine service with our district apostle came closer and closer. We all looked forward to the last day of our journey, when we would experience a special divine service in a wonderful little church on Bohol. We were welcomed by the local youth with flower necklaces and quickly searched our way into the cooled building. Way in the front, there were some benches exclusive for us, so we could support the service with our singing, right next to the choir of the Filipino youth.

After the divine service we had some last exchanges with the people from Bohol and soon headed back to Manila, where we would stay one last night. On Sunday night, we met again the youth from Tagaytay. Together we had a great party with Swiss food on the roof top of a skyscraper. There was even a DJ and everyone had a great time with some more conversations and a lot of fun dancing and cheering.  I will never forget the moment; two Ladies from the Philippines went up to the stage and said, they had one more thing prepared for us. Then they began. As they sang their song, we were at first confused, until we understood, that they had translated the Swiss song “Ewigi Liebi” into their language. I think that’s the only thing, no one has captured on camera, because every one of us stood up and chanted together with them. This was probably one of the best moments of our encounter.

The next day, before departure, we went to see the Swiss ambassador to have some more cultural exchanges and some more very interesting conversations with the People from the embassy and with our fellow youth.

Bro. Franz Bohnacker

Switzerland Congregation


The days we spent together with our NAC Swiss Youth were a great experience. I personally learned a lot especially on the theme of our National Youth Day “Breaking Borders”. We learn how to practically apply on how we break the border we made in ourselves. Like the border of fear that our race is less superior to the other. We help remove this border when we try to communicate with each other and try to share our culture and traditions and how it is different from one another, especially Switzerland compared to the Philippines.

The greatest experience is when we look into our New Apostolic faith; we found no borders because we have the same goal of faith in our hearts. Our spiritual upbringing is the same and we have the same church culture and tradition. As brothers and sisters in Christ this faith made us to be good friends with each other. What we learn from the best behaviour of our Swiss brothers and sisters is that they are precise in time. Also they maintain a high standard in New Apostolic music. They are also friendly people and talkative. One needs to approach them nicely and you can already have a nice conversation already for hours.

Dc. Timothy Rich Gabriel

Makati Congregation


Last April 26-30 2017 we held a Swiss-Phil youth day at Muro-amo Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol and with the theme “Youth without borders”. It is only an implication that no matter whom you are and what you are and where you came from, what language you have as long as we have same faith and principle we can be united. It was such a great experience for us Filipino that we had met such great people from Switzerland. It was something big to us NAC youth that we are one as one congregation, one belief we are all together. Having that Swiss-Phil youth day was not only for vacation or for fun but it is something that we will be treasured forever. Though, we came from different country, different culture yet we have same principles, beliefs and that what makes us who we are as a member of New Apostolic church. The friendship and relationship we build not only for us Filipino people but as well as to the Swiss people was really a significant one. Truly, it is proven that we are the NAC youth without borders.

Bro. Marlou Aurino

Tiling Central Congregation

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