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NAC YOUTH WITHOUT BORDERS PHIL-SWISS National Youth Day 2017 Tagaytay Philippines

(Luzon Youth Encounter)

A Great Start without Borders

The Phil-Swiss youth day was held on Tagaytay Haven Resort, Philippines from April 21-23, 2017. After the departure and arrival of the youth in the hotel, they are separated into six groups namely; Santiago, Juan, Mateo, Pablo, Marcos, and Lucas composed of Filipinos and Swiss youth. At 7:00 PM, April 21, they were gathered in the function room for some activities.

The youth members were asked to join their respective group and had a roll call in each group. They eat dinner together with their group members for them to know each other and have a bonding between different congregation and nationalities. The Swiss youth members also gave away some pocket notebooks to Filipinos as a symbol of friendship and remembrance. After having dinner, an activity is introduced to the youth members, they are asked to meet and greet other members who are neither their group members nor their co-congregation. It is a game where a representative from every group needs to name other youth as many as they can, and the group who had the most named youth members will be the winner. Through this activity, the youth had a chance to know and meet every members and that’s how the youth of the New Apostolic Church show that there are no borders between them.

On Saturday morning at exactly 5am, the youth was at the multi-purpose hall to start the day through prayer with reading bible text and followed by a 1 hour exercise. The morning activities composed of two workshops. First, the owner offered a lecture about self-defense, survival tips and proper knotting using a rope. Our youth was completely amazed for what they have learned. They exchange thoughts about it. The facilitators knew that this kind of activity can be learned from the school but then the activity was free so they grab it as an opportunity and it gave the young people additional knowledge and skills with their daily life to some of the youth living in rural areas, sea sides and even in the cities. Through this activity they already know some ways to survive as early as their ages. The second part of the activity is the Question and Answer by each group. All questions are based on foundation of the church, the bible, motto and the theme. There are some questions that deal on how they have known each other already since first day. Everyone cooperates to their respective groups. Some youth repeats back questions related to the questions that they have heard. The purpose of the activity is to make their mind open widely because some questions were new to them and sometimes they don’t know yet the answers.


On the second day of the Filipino-Swiss encounter. The youth were gathered on the big hall, took their breakfast and afterwards each team prepared a group cheer before going to Taal Volcano at Talisay Batangas, where would be the next venue for the activity together. It is a biggest volcano in the world and holds a lake then, holds another volcano that has another little lake on it and has a little island on it. It is very interesting right! But definitely it is more worthy if you would experience too.

Every group were ride on a jeepney as the start of the trekking adventure. Since it was the first time of the Swiss youth riding on it, they felt happy. When they about to arrive on the lake which is their first destination everyone felt excited because they seen the amazing panorama of the Taal that makes them much more eager to hike to witness the view on the top. Boat riding adventure in the lake is followed. How great is our God, even though the climate is so hot the youth is still continuing the hike and do not make this as the border to reach on top. Trekking adventure going to volcano’s crater is very challenging but yet, very fulfilling because of the different stations that has different offers of the NAC Members to satisfy the cravings and a tent to protect us from the burning sun.

At the end of the hike, some were tired, thirsty and hungry but, when they get there on the top they were rewarding the great scenery of the beautiful Taal crater. After taking some rest, they took pictures as a remembrance for that memorable experienced together. They do sharing stories and facts about the Taal Volcano and many topics also discuss in a small house called “Bahay Kubo” and also took their lunch and it shows that from this simple conversation and activity they can easily break the borders.

Heat coming from all direction is getting unbreakable from sun to the ground when, we decided to get back. We hike back using the same trails embarked the out trigger boats to the main land. Just in time. Before going the hotel, we did a stopover in a flower shop where every group must need to buy a set of flower and decorative things for the altar on the next day divine service. Those moments were very memorable to every youth. It was an incredible experienced to treasure and cherish


After the tiredly yet wonderful experienced at Taal, They come to an activities where every congregation will present their different performances. Before the performance night start. The Phil-Swiss youth took first their dinner together with a short video presentation of the various activities they did. Every congregation perform well, several of talent were presented and they felt fulfilled and happy because of what they have shown. They brought joy and happiness to all and made that night a memorable one.


It was such a wonderful and awesome Sunday morning. The weather was so great, and the sunshine was incredible during that day. Every youth from different congregations wake up early and feeling excited taking their breakfast and so as the Swiss youth from Switzerland. It’s plenty of food that everyone enjoyed. When breakfast is done, the youths and the ministers are preparing for the special event of that day, the divine service.

The preparation of the altar is beautiful, surrounded by the flowers that every group of the youth prepared. The divine service officiated by Bishop Samuel Tansahtikno, District elders, Priests, and Deacons from different congregation in Luzon areas, also from Switzerland. The bible text on that divine service has a deep meaning, which penetrated inside the hearts of every members of the congregation. As the divine service comes to an end, there’s something questions came out on my mind. Did we really overcome the borders? And I thought yes, maybe not all the borders in life, but indeed, we overcome such borders during that day.

It’s past eleven o’clock when the divine service is finished, and a great time together with the Swiss youths and youths from different congregations. That few moments together with them were amazing. It was full of joy, happiness and love. Jamming of songs, sharing of stories in life and to overcomes every border together with one faith.

I hate to say goodbye, but it seems like, it was the right time to say it. It was ended by a closing prayer led by our bishops and followed with a farewell song that everyone’s sung. No words can explain to the experience we encountered with them, especially the Swiss-youth from Switzerland. For the last time, I say it to you, “See you later “till we met again. Thank you

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