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Vacation is not yet over for the children.  There are few more weeks before going to school again. As the tradition every summer, NAC has its Vacation Bible School (VBS 2017) where the children will learn about God’s word at the same time there a fun games, stories and activities that they will enjoy and treasure it.

Last May 22-27, 2017, the Makati Congregation held a one week Vacation Bible School. Ss. Susan Silvano and Ss. Neri Barles led this year’s VBS. There are lots of stories they will learn, also fun games and activities which they will receive a different stuff and prizes from teachers.

On the first day of Vacation Bible School, children learned the story about the beautiful and wonderful creations of God. After the discussion, four groups were formed and each group made a creative and beautiful banner. “Trust God with all your heart” a lesson from the Noah’s Ark story on the second day of VBS. On the third day, Children heard the story about the one who climb on the tree just to see Jesus Christ.   “The sinner who repents with all his heart will be forgiven” is the lesson of the story. “God’s love has no boundaries” is the lesson of the story of the prodigal son which was discussed on the fourth day. “Never doubt on the power of our son Jesus Christ” a message on the fifth day of VBS from the story of how Jesus calmed the storm on the lake.

After storytelling and discussion every day, the teachers prepared games such as treasure hunt, word and puzzle game and many more. They also create different artwork related to all the stories which serve as their daily activities.

On Friday night, as part of their children camp, each group made their creative and beautiful props and costumes for their graduation day. The children woke up early because they need to prepare going to Merville Country Club as the venue for their graduation. Everyone felt excited.  How God is so great, the children together with teachers and some of the youth have safely arrived at the venue.

The children enjoy swimming and playing together. The program starts in the afternoon together with some of our bearer of blessings District Evangelist Rolex Navarro, Pr. Obet Silvestre, Pr. Chris Ronquillo and Pr. Lito Sabuga-a. Each group performed well in their presentation. A smile can be seen on all children after they have received their certificate as remembrance of their memorable and amazing vacation this year.

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