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Chief Apostle Schneider visits Negros Occidental, Apostle Diagbel retirement blessings and Ordination of the New Apostle, Bishop Beli-ot.

Last May 11-14, 2017, me and a few number of the youth from Makati, welcomed the Chief Apostle Schneider, District Apostles and other ministers at Sugarland Hotel in Bacolod. It was a great privileged to personally meet them and great them in person. As we welcomed them, the smiles on their faces were so genuine and it feels home and blessed.

On the second day, we joined them travelled to Kabankalan City to meet Apostle Diagbel and the brothers and sister who were also waiting for the arrival of our dear Chief Apostle and his company. As expected, the whole heartedly welcome and excitement were there. Night of the second day, they prepared dinner for everyone and right after, there were surprised presentation from some of the brothers and sisters to fully enjoy the night. We really felt the Holy Spirit presence as we sang our final song “We will keep our faith alive”.

On the third day, Saturday afternoon, Chief Apostle and District Apostles, Apostles and company, were welcomed in Tiling Central Church Congregations by our brother and sisters in faith. Choirs and orchestra members prepared special presentations and gracefully presented them to everyone. There was also short video clip prepared for our Apostle Diagbel, that shows how his life being in the service as a minister of our church. More than half of his life, he’s serving as a minister.Personally, as I saw the video, I really can tell, that being a minister is not an easy responsibility. Their life was full of sacrifices; their care and love for their members are exceptional. I salute and really admire our bearer of blessings.

There was fellowship for brothers and sisters of Saturday night. It was a joyful evening. There was a continuation of presentation presented by some of the youths, ministers and wives while everyone was having their dinner. Apostle Diagbel was a bit emotional (teary eyed yet happy) as he delivered his speech for everyone. He was very thankful and very blessed as he reminisced of his entire journey as a minister of our church.

On Sunday, there were many members from different congregations of Negros Occidental arrived Tiling Congregation to meet our dear chief apostle and also to witness the retirement blessings of our apostle Diagbel. The good news, after the retirement blessings, there was also ordination of the new apostle. Bishop Beli-ot was ordained as the new apostle of Negros Occidental. To able to be part of this big event in our church was a great blessing. Retirement and Ordination, makes me realized more of the saying “You will reap what you sow”. Because of the efforts of our ministers, there will be always someone to follow their footsteps and continue the responsibility they’ve started

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