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Soul Care Visits at Bataan

We visited Morong Congregation for the preparation of Youth Outing. While we are there, we talked about how our faith brought us together. We shared our experiences and what the youth can do to make all members of the church especially the youth as one. There is Sister Helen who also shares her experiences and how the New Apostolic Church changed their life. At first they were not members of NAC, they were just invited to join a divine service where the only member of the church in their location is just next to their residence in Morong. Bataan. It was Apostle Gabriel who is visiting the Bataan Congregation those days. Also during those days, Sister Helen’s family were not as peaceful as others, she and her husband were on a misunderstanding that they are nearly separated and they find no more hopes in life. They attended that divine service. Sister Helen told that they were enlightened after the service, their life became better and so, they are always attending the divine service since they were invited. Sister Helen and her family became members of the New Apostolic Church, his husband Lito is now a priest and their life today is far different from their life of no communication with the Lord. Sister Helen is expressing her deepest gratitude to Apostle Gabriel because of what he did to her family and to the faith that changed their life.

They are now a happy, peaceful, loving, and religious family and now they had their business which helps them in their life. When we serve the Lord and keep our faith in life, God will never let us down and will help us overcome our difficulties in life. Sister Helen and her family had a good decision in following Jesus and their faith never failed them but helped them see their life enlightened and serving the Lord from their hearts.

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