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Tagum Youth Day

Wash, eat, walk, say hi, run, jump, sing, dance and playing games. These actions are obviously used during youth gathering. This is one of the most awaited part of the year! Youths are surely excited when it comes to this event; seems like they are ready to mingle with other fellow youths around the globe.

“Faithful to Christ” is the New Apostolic Church’s theme for the whole year of 2018. Following His example, constant in love, serving faithfully and keeping our promises. This was announced by our beloved District Apostle Urs Hebeisen in the social media where we called “Facebook” last January 1, 2018.

Now, take a look in what happened this month! You ready? Then, let’s read!! January 12-14, 2018.. 3 days and 2 nights when the first youth gathering in Mindanao happened. This was held in E-Park Apokon Central, Tagum Davao Del Norte, Philippines. Davao Region was the one who handled this big event of the month. Youths from this region was so blessed to accommodate over 200 youths around Mindanao.

Friday night was the arrival of all youths coming from Davao Del Norte, Pantukan, Davao Occidental, Davao Del Sur, Davao City and Caraga Region. The first night of youth gathering program, we had this game called “Ikot ka and pakilala mo sarili mo” this is 30 seconds per person since we were 100+ attendees that night and the time was quite short. The last game we had that night was so called “Pinoy Henyo.” Youths were happy as you can see in their eyes. Some may say, that was their first time in attending youth day. They were so glad to meet lots of youths that night. Lastly, District Elder Freddie Nuyad conducted the seminar around 11pm about the program that we will be having for the next day. The registration was held in NAC Tagum Central since we weren’t able to stay in EPark that night because President Duterte together with his colleague had their meeting.

Second day or somehow it is called as the “Big Day” and the most “Satisfying” day for us
youths. Why? Because that day was loaded for us. In the morning we had the bible games, in the afternoon we had the amazing race & team building and the night was the “formal program” where District Apostle Hebeisen and company were there. Youths that time were 200. There are only 8 teams with 15 members each, means 120
participants. Remaining youths were committees in assigned areas such as food, games, entertaining and etc. Each team has its name on different name that is found in the bible such as Daniel, Genesis, Mark, Matthew. Saturday morning, we all headed in EPark Apokon were we had the bible games such as Bible Countdown, Bible Drill, Bible Telephone and Bible Quiz. They also prepared cheering each team. However, afternoon had the most amazing part
because of the amazing race game. Same team, and each leader has been given one sheet to complete the 8 stations. It needs to be completed as its time interval. The game was started 1:30pm and it ended by 4pm. Committees per station will going to write L for loser and W for winner on their sheet. The over-all champion were the team that gets many W’s in their sheet. And the best or the over- all champion team was from Team Matthew. The formal program was started 7pm when District Apostle Hebeisen and company arrived with the warmest welcome song by the Youths. Some congregations had their performance that night, Caraga Region was the one who received an award as “The Best Presenter of the Night” signed by District Apostle Hebeisen, Apostle Pascual and District Elder Nuyad.

Sunday is observed by New Apostolic Christians as a day of religious worship. This is the most favorite part as a Christian, where you can go to the house of the Lord (which is NAChurch) and worship Him unconditionally. We went back in NAChurch Tagum Central at 8am and gathered there by 9am because 9am was the call time for us Choirs since we must need to practice once again the flow, from the opening to the last song. The divine service was started at exactly 10am. All youths, parents, visitors and our most beloved D.A Hebeisen with other Apostles, Bishops, Evangelist, District Elders, Priests and Deacons were there gathering.

After the divine service, we had our lunch time that was prepared by committees assigned in food. 1pm was the departure time for some youths who wanted to go home. Some of us like from Davao City, Davao Del Norte and Caraga Region were stayed in the central for a while and had a talk. We talked about the upcoming youth days from different congregations and places and of course the most awaited International Youth Day that will be held in Germany on May 30-June 2, 2019.

We, NAC Youths are excited for more upcoming Youth Days! Especially on the said event, “the International Youth Day” in Germany because up to now, we are still waiting for the updates of the luckiest youths that will be chosen to participate. It is more fun in YOUTH DAY! As the unknown author said, Youth is the time of life when one is young and often means the time between childhood and adulthood. Defined also as “freshness” characteristics of one who is young. So for me, while you are still young, you go and try to participate each youth gatherings! I can assure you 100% of the happiness that you will encounter and all these memories will be keeping forever in your hearts.

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