Event Calendar

August 16th 2015 – Sunday

  • Activity: Swimming party at Merville Country Club


September 12th 2015 – Weekend

  • Activity: Youth day of Pangasinan with Makati Youth

Nov 2015 – (To be confirmed – details to follow)

  • Activity: TBD
  • Spiritual Focus: Chapters 2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,2


Past Events

4th January 2015

  • Activity: NACSEA Relief clothes donation folding from Canada.
  • Spiritual Focus: Care for the Poor and Needy
  • Catechism Chapter: 1 (3 pages).

18th January 2015

  • Activity: Comic strip activity. With a camera, groups will story board a situation to make a comic strip with spiritual meaning.
  • Spiritual Focus: Forgiveness
  • Catechism Chapter: 4 (6 pages). We will go through the material prior to the activity.
  • Other: Offer opportunity for mini Research Projects in spiritual topic of choice to be presented in February and May.

1st February 2015

  • Activity: Discussion on Nutrition and the dangers of addiction. What do we feed our bodies? What do we feed our souls? Why?
  • Spiritual Focus: Physical and Spiritual Health. Being New apostolic.
  • Catechism Chapter: 13 (3 pages).
  • Other: Materials on alternate eating habits. Propose a 6-10 week fitness challenge.

28th February 2015

  • Activity: The American cemetery in Fort Bonifacio. A wifi connection will be provided. Youth will choose a fallen ranking soldier of choice, and look them up on Wikipedia for details on their life and death in combat. These fact sheets of these souls will stimulate thought and prayer towards the departed.
  • Spiritual Focus: Life after Death
  • Homework: Think, Pray and invite souls for the service the next day.

March 29th 2015 – Sunday

  • Activity: Coloring eggs activity. Discussion on finding our talents to be able to put towards gods work. Discussion on relative wealth and well being with a focus to uplift the Philippines and its people.
  • Spiritual Focus: Easter

April 3th 2015 – Friday

  • Activity: Good Friday service 9AM in Lapaz congregation with Ev Reyez, then Observe the Traditional Catholic Good Friday Procession in Cutud, Pampanga
  • Leave Makati Central Church 7AM. Or meet at “Mabalacat Bus Terminal” on Dau road in Pampanga for 8am. Service starts at 9am.
  • Spiritual Focus: Good Friday. Cultural observance of Catholic Good Friday Traditions.

Congregational day of the youth Tupi District – April 4, 9AM

April 26, 205 – Sunday

  • Activity: Enjoy a 50 inch Mega Pizza, and get through our Catechism reading plan
  • Spiritual Focus: Catechism Readings
  • Catechism Chapter: 6, 7, 8, 9

May 8th 2015 – Saturday

  • Activity: NAC family day outing at the marine base resort in Cavite

May 16th 2015 – Saturday

  • Activity: Senden home fellowship and swimming
  • Spiritual Focus: Supporting the less fortunate

May 30th 2015 – Weekend

  • Activity: Youth outing to Bunga Falls, Nagclaran, Laguna

June 7th 2015 – Sunday

  • Activity: Sister Hebeisen Birthday surprise choral group

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